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Who Are We?

In 2010, Mitch Satov started FlashForward because he believed businesses deserved a single point of contact when it came to shopping for connectivity quotes. 

We think customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice time and money to get multiple quotes for what they need. That’s how we quickly became a trusted Telecom Broker and a preferred partner for businesses, especially IT consulting firms.

We’re specialists in identifying and delivering the best cloud-based technologies and connectivity solutions in the industry. No matter the size or the location, we can help any business choose the best technology for them. 

Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with our customers and business partners. Honesty is the foundation of the trust we have built over the years. 

When it comes to providing solutions, we’re straightforward. We understand that our customers need reliability, so we tailor every solution to their specific objectives and budget requirements.

Our Team

Mitch Satov

Mitch Satov, Founder & CEO

Sanjay Padhiar

Growth Partner

Why Us?



As a Telecom Solutions Broker​, we’ll work with multiple vendors on your behalf. We collaborate with you to find solutions for key areas of your operation while still protecting your bottom line.

We help complete the due diligence and leverage our long-standing industry relationships to provide multiple technology (or connectivity) options.

As your trusted advisor, we are determined to help you adapt to the ever-changing world of communications and IT infrastructure.

We want to help you achieve your goals.

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