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About Canada’s Premier Telecom Brokerage

Dedicated to Changing Canada’s Telecom Industry For The Better

FlashForward founder Mitch Satov’s journey in the telecom industry began in corporate, when he was invited to partner with Bell Canada. At the time, the telecom industry was booming and Mitch saw a gap that needed to be filled.

As the digital landscape grew exponentially, so too did the need for businesses like yours to have access to a variety of communication tools – from internet connectivity, to cloud-based storage solutions and everything in between.

Taking The Mystery Out of Shopping For Tech-Based Solutions

Unfortunately, it’s a challenging landscape to navigate. High-speed internet availability and reasonable options for secure, cloud-based solutions often seem to be hidden behind a curtain. 

FlashForward was launched in 2010 to take the mystery out of shopping for tech and connectivity solutions. 

Just like your insurance broker goes to bat for you to find the best insurance plan for your needs and circumstances, we find and curate custom telecom solutions for businesses large and small.


Meet The Team

Mitch Satov

Mitch Satov, Founder & CEO

As the CEO of FlashForward, I am proud to say that we continue to simplify infrastructure technology buying decisions. Our success stems from a belief in the power of creating raving fans rather than just having customers.

Sanjay Padhiar

Growth Partner

 Helping Canadian businesses stay connected to what matters, day in and day out, is what matters to us. We want businesses to know that we have more options for them than they thought possible.

Our Core Values



We live up to our promises, show up when we said we would and deliver what we said we would.


Our work is more than just a transaction. We aim to foster meaningful connections with every customer & supplier.


Because we aim to deliver a better customer experience than the big telecommunications companies.


Trust is built on honesty. The solutions we provide are based on facts, not assumptions.


We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we are always more than willing to seek them out.


Systems exist for a reason! We aim to conduct business in an organized and timely manner while ensuring accuracy along the way.


Mutual respect is a tenet of good communication and trusted business relationships.


It truly takes a village to install an internet connection – and we love our village!

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