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Reliable and fast internet is critical to your business.

Fibre (Optical Ethernet)

 Businesses looking to grow can benefit from the scalability that Fibre provides. Whether shared or dedicated, either can meet your voice and data needs. 

The global standard for connectivity is dedicated internet. Fibre supports a wide range of bandwidth options from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Fixed Wireless

Can be used as a less costly primary or dedicated backup internet connection. 

If you’re struggling to get Fibre or fast and reliable internet, this technology is the solution for your voice and data needs.


This small business solution can carry signals at greater distances, and deliver non-dedicated internet connectivity.

Cable internet offers asynchronous service (different upload & download speeds) that is cost-effective.

DSL - (Digital Subscriber Line)

This small business solution is a non-dedicated service that transmits data over the readily available copper telephone line network.

The expansion of fibre services has resulted in higher and synchronous speeds.

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