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Backup internet refers to a secondary internet connection that can be used for business continuity if the primary internet connection fails. Business continuity refers to the ability of a business or organization to continue its critical operations in the face of unexpected events or disruptions.

This is critical for individuals or organizations who rely heavily on the internet for communication, data transfer, and all other essential activities. In case of an internet failure such as the Roger’s outage in 2022, which impacted their Cellular, Fibre, and cable networks, customers without backup internet did not have business continuity.

Backup internet ensures business continuity, keeping your operations running

The backup internet connection can be set up to automatically failover when the primary connection goes down, ensuring that the user or organization can continue operating without interruption. Backup internet can be provided by your current or a different internet service provider (ISP), however we strongly advise using a different technology other than your primary connection.  

Why You Need Business Continuity

A business continuity plan is a strategy that is put in place to ensure that the business can continue its essential operations, even in the face of disruptions. The plan typically involves identifying critical functions and processes, outlining procedures for responding to disruptions, and putting in place redundant systems and processes that can be used in the event of a disruption.

Business continuity planning is crucial because it helps organizations minimize downtime and reduce the impact of disruptions on their operations. It can also help organizations to maintain the trust of their customers, partners, and stakeholders by demonstrating that they have plans in place to manage unexpected events.

Bottom line: You’re guaranteed to always be connected!

A Good Backup Internet Is Insurance

A secondary internet connection should be reliable, fast, and should be made to be readily available to use when the primary internet connection fails.

Here are some features to consider when looking for a good backup internet:

  1. Reliability
  2. Speed
  3. Easy to Set Up and Manage
  4. Cost-effective

Types of Backup internet services:

  1. Fibre
  2. DSL
  3. Fixed Wireless
  4. Cable / Coax
  5. LTE / Cellular
  6. Bonded or Aggregated Bandwidth

The best way to ensure business continuity is to have automatic failover. We recommend using SD-WAN.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) automatically switches over to the secondary internet connection when the primary connection fails. Another benefit is that businesses utilizing Static IP’s have complete business continuity.

If you are interested in backup services to ensure your business continuity, please schedule a call today!